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Transforms any "REGULAR" manikin into a "SMART" one

\nProvides feedback for: \n \nDepth: By using Beaty on top of Sheldon the student will get an audio feedback when reaching the correct depth. \n \nSlow Rate: When performing chest compression too slow the yellow light will turn on. \n \nRecoil: When performing chest compression without full recoil the red light will turn on. \n \nGood Chest Compression: When performing chest compression with full recoil and correct rate the green light and all of the ribs lights will turn on. \n \nRib Fraction: A unique simulation of rib fraction which includes: Visual, Audible and Tactile feedback. \n \nAddresses all of the requirements from the AHA for compression feedback as required by January 31, 2019, as well as the requirements set by Heart & Stroke Canada as required by February 18th, 2021.